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Global Plast launches three new brands of products and has a new corporate identity

Global Plast, a leader in the distribution of household items in Romania, launched three new brands of products and a new corporate identity, along with the slogan “Good house Partner.”

With an experience of over 12 years in the distribution of disposable items, housekeeping, cleaning, packaging solutions, tealights, candles and paper products group Global Plast meets its customers with a visual identity for impact and a new strategy for organizing product portfolio.

The rebranding comes amid sustained growth in recent years and assuming leadership in the field with a turnover of approximately EUR 20 million in 2015. The new slogan “Good house Partner” speaks of trust shared about a partnership for development business, but also about leadership, helping to reposition the category.

The new corporate identity and creating new product brands have been developed in partnership with the renowned firm Branding BrandFusion. “In an industry dominated by private labels and brands with internationally renowned Global Plast has succeeded in establishing itself as a Romanian company confidence on which you can rely promptly at any time. Global brand Plast I helped to define corporate identity and to rethink the architecture of the product portfolio, so as to be more attractive and relevant to rack their target. Brand new product ranges developed for paper, household-cleaning and disposable products can now compete with established problems of class household name, “said Mona Ursu, Managing Partner BrandFusion.

Corporate rebranding occasion, Global Plast changed and product strategy from monolithic architecture to branded one, type “house of brands”, by creating three new brands of product:

PAPELINO – brand of paper products
ZOREX – brand products, household cleaning
ALABALA- brand of disposable products
Papelino is a new range of paper products for household portfolio Global Plast, a local brand, which includes: nasal handkerchiefs, napkins, kitchen towels and toilet paper.

Zorex is the new range of household and cleaning products. From household products such as sponges, mops or wet cloths, sheets and bags to food storage, Zorex bring a full range of products to ease everyday tasks.

Alabala is the new range of disposable products (cutlery, crockery, pots etc.).

“Global Plast rebranding marks a stage in the maturation process of the company with an experience of over 12 years and faithfully reflect the company’s philosophy and way of relating to category, assuming the leadership. The new corporate identity is a readjustment modern spectacular evolution of the entire company and reflect the vision, mission, values ​​and strategy Global Plast to strengthen partnerships with its customers, offering products and services tailored to their needs in an effective way, which is build on. With the new brand positioning desired product in the relevant category in the minds of consumers with a greater shelf appeal and promise authenticity and quality of our products, “said Dan Doroican, Global Marketing Manager Plast.

Founded in 2003 with entirely Romanian capital group Global Plast Ltd has its headquarters in Bucharest and branches in Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara, Bacau and Cluj.

Global portfolio Plast products are distributed nationally in retail, hospitality and traditional market. In retail, Global Plast products are present in all major retailers such as Kaufland, Auchan, Cora, Carrefour, Penny Market, Metro, Brico Depot, Praktiker, Real, Profi, Dedeman, DM, Billa, Unicarm.

More information on the Facebook page and, website of Global Plast.

For press materials and additional information about the group Global Plast, please contact: Dan Doroican, M: +4 0728.555.936 E-mail:

Published in 11/02/2016
10 years of experience!

In November this year, Global Plast SRL will be 10 years, 10 years since we are offering on the Romanian market at the highest standards products that are used in every household in everyday life.

Global Plast SRL has developed a national distribution network and with the help of our own transportation vehicles we deliver  the  goods punctually to our customers.
In these 10 years, we managed to build branches in the main cities of the country: Constanta, Iasi and Timisoara.

The company image strengthen  along with our product diversity: from food bags, t-lights and candles to household cleaning items, plastic containers and trash bags.

We chose a mascot Global Plast Bee – the Bee of your household!

Published in 27/02/2013